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Public School (MPSERS) employees, please choose one of the following:

New Employee Orientation: Click here

401(k)/457 Plans Overview: Click here

Financial Fundamentals: Click here

Investing for Women: Click here

Basic Investing: Click here

Investing Beyond the Basics: Click here

Advisory Services: Click here


State of Michigan (SERS) employees, please click this link to choose a webinar:

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For the 1-on-1 appointments, you are welcome to bring pension estimates (if applicable), social security estimates, and information on any outside investments you may have to your appointment, however none of this is required.  We will be able to access your 401(k) and 457 accounts while you are at the appointment, but please bring your login information in case you decide to make changes during the appointment.  The focus will be on your retirement accounts through the State of Michigan.  If your spouse is also an employee and you would both like an appointment to discuss your accounts, please schedule two appointments back-to-back with the same representative, as these meetings do take just a bit longer with both spouses.

For the seminars, just feel free to bring your questions!

There is no charge for our 1-on-1 appointments, our webinars, or our seminars.

Thank you!